Smack Upside the Head

Slinky’s been off the medicine for ten whole days…

This time he’s going to kick the habit for good.  The only thing standing in his way is Klara and her teensy-weensy request to collect a bag from left luggage and drop it off to a friend without looking inside.

What kind of idiot asks a junkie to pick up a bag and not look inside it?  The kind Slinky intends to take full advantage of.  Unluckily for him, his decision to open the bag turns out to be the latest in a long line of bad decisions.

Navigating his way through dead bodies, crooked cops and dodgy associates, it’s going to take all of his cunning to stay alive and out of prison.  Klara has screwed him in every sense of the word and if he needed further proof as to his dire straits, even his crabs are jumping ship.

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