Resistance 3D


2090: A new crusade fuelled by old hatreds!

The Religious States of America continues it ideological campaign in the Middle East, with Syria the next target of aggression. All Billy Ray Cooper wants is to go home to his family, but as a member of the elite Templar special forces he is bound by his vows to continue the fight. With renowned military tactician Marshal Ismail now commanding the Caliphate forces the Templars are paying in blood for every inch of occupied territory. Can Cooper survive the maelstrom of violence or is he destined to become another casualty of war?

Shocked by the horrors he has witnessed, veteran journalist Jefferson Lynch is caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the CIA assassin tasked with preventing him from exposing Templar war crimes. Rumour has reached Lynch of a resistance movement dedicated to restoring the old republic. Could Free America be the last hope for democracy? Lynch must survive missiles, bullets and bombs if he is to find out.

Resistance is the thrilling second book in the Perpetual War military science fiction series. Picking up directly after the events of Crusade, Leon Steelgrave continues to explore Cooper and Lynch’s savage journey into the heart of a fundamentalist America.

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