Resistance 3D


Is this the death of the American Dream?

Having received no response to their ultimatum demanding President Gerrard’s resignation, Free America has launched a series of asymmetrical attacks against the Religious States, plunging America into a brutal civil war.

As the civilian casualties rise on both sides, journalist Jefferson Lynch finds himself at odds with the Free America leadership. Are they fighting to restore the old republic, or is this just another power grab? To find out, he must follow the war to its bitter conclusion, broadcasting from the front line.

With the Templars recalled from the Middle East to defend their homeland, a conflicted Billy Ray Cooper is forced to choose between remaining loyal to the order and following his conscience. Dare he risk his family’s safety by being branded a traitor and an apostate?

Two men. Two paths. The choices they make might well decide the fate of a nation.

Apostasy is the thrilling conclusion to Leon Steelgrave’s Perpetual War trilogy.

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