A country controlled by fundamentalists. Brutal campaigns to the Middle East. Can a young man thrust into war stand up to a relentless race for power?

The Religious States of America, 2089. Billy Ray Cooper will do anything to provide for his family. So to pull his parents and siblings out of endless poverty, he enlists and undergoes the grueling selection process to join the modern Templar special forces. And after being accepted into the elite fighting unit, he immediately finds himself deployed overseas to wrestle Jerusalem away from the Caliphate in an all-out offensive.

Unprepared for the bloody reality of battle, Cooper struggles with whom to trust – a cynical reporter pressganged into service or his unflinching colonel hell-bent on victory. And when innocent non-combatants are killed, the horrified and once-naïve soldier comes face to face with his own morality as the violence escalates…

Will Cooper survive the ruthless uncompromising warfare with his life and soul intact?

Crusade is the gripping first book in the Perpetual War military science fiction series. If you like common-man heroes, complex moral dilemmas, and powerful messages, then you’ll love Leon Steelgrave’s super-armed adventure.

Buy Crusade to see thine enemy clearly today!

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