A Life Owed

In Europa City they don’t deal you out of the game until you’re dead.

They call her Cocoa on account of all the people she’s put to sleep. Two years ago, she was a legend. But Europa City has no use for nostalgia. The only thing that counts in the wetwork profession is how good you are today.

Summoned from her self-imposed exile to fulfil a life debt, Cocoa discovers the long-held covenants between the city’s crime families to be broken. In a landscape devoid of honour, she must pit the warring factions of organised crime, the corporations and the forces of law and order against one another in a high stakes game to secure her life and freedom.

She’s been in tighter spots, but she can’t remember when. And if there’s one thing any skag on the street knows, it’s that being a living legend is a lot harder than being a dead one.

Don’t miss the latest high-octane Europa City thriller from Leon Steelgrave!.

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