Cocoa Psycho Killer

The future is dark. But the shadows of Europa City are even darker.

She has a thousand names and faces, but in the assassin’s market of the Casbah they call her Cocoa, on account of all the people she’s put to sleep. Deadly with her bare hands, a knife, or a gun, she’s also pretty limber on the pole, although it’s more a hobby than a means of dispatch.

Eddie Judas, more ghost than man, is the most successful drug dealer of his generation, but he’s made the fatal error of selling bad product to a powerful corporate executive’s daughter. The grieving father has the money to hire the best, which means Cocoa is on the hunt. But having set her sights on Judas it’s going to take all of her skill and ingenuity to find her prey.  Will she succeed or will Eddie Judas be the one who got away?  And in a city run on favours, what will it cost her?

Set prior to the events of White Vampyre, this action packed short provides an excellent jumping on point for those unfamiliar with Leon Steelgrave’s Europa City books.

Pick up Cocoa psycho Killer today and step into a world of darkness!

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