Cocoa Psycho Killer

She has a thousand names and faces, but in the assassin’s market of the Casbah they call her Cocoa on account of all the people she’s put to sleep. Deadly with her bare hands, a knife, or a gun, she’s also pretty limber on the pole, although the latter is more of a hobby than a means of dispatch.

Eddie Judas, more ghost than man, is widely reckoned the most successful drug dealer of his generation, but now he’s made the fatal error of selling bad product to a powerful corporate executive’s daughter. The grieving father has the money to hire the best, which means Cocoa is now on the hunt. Even in a city of forty million inhabitants, Eddie is about to discover that there’s no place to hide.

Set prior to the events of White Vampyre, this book fields a cast of characters old and new in this high-octane short, providing an excellent jumping on point for those unfamiliar with the Europa City series.

WARNING: This story contains scenes of sex and violence which are limited only by the power of your imagination. You sick people.

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