White Vampyre

Global warming has decimated the planet; and thirty years after the Great Flood the remnants of Europe are crowded together in a vast conurbation that occupies the remaining high ground. Old racial hatreds have re-emerged in the face of growing unemployment and civil unrest, and human vice remains unaltered.

Europa City spirals into anarchy and decadence as Detective Kurt Brecht finds himself forced to confront both the demons of his past and those of his present drug addiction. Aided on his Odyssey by the mysterious Lady Methedrine and Slinky, his junkie informant, Brecht travels to his own heart of darkness against a hedonistic backdrop of drugs, violence and sex.

As Brecht wages a personal war against the podophiles and white slavers that pander to the city’s elite classes the line between good and evil blurs as he dispenses the justice of the gun. Friends and colleagues are powerless to prevent his headlong flight into self-destruction, and Brecht finds himself cast adrift by his superiors.

Hunted by a deadly cybernetic assassin known as the Sword of Damocles, it becomes a race against time to defeat Isaac Vaughn, the corrupt head of the powerful Tessler Corporation. If he fails Vaughn will seize control of the city and subject its inhabitants to brutal Martial Law. Success, however, may cost him his very soul.

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