Though Your Sins be Scarlet

Corruption, in the form of government, corporation or organised crime taints each of Europa City’s forty million inhabitants. As anarchy descends, they must make their choices and take their chances. But none of this cast of whores, junkies, thieves and murderers, or those charged with policing them, can escape the sins of the past. Each will discover there is a price to pay for power.

A year on from his near fatal shooting, disgraced Vice Officer Kurt Brecht is back in uniform and struggling to put his drug addiction and his relationship with the mysterious Lady Methedrine behind him. Spending his days on a dead end patrol circuit and his nights in an alcoholic haze, his former friends and enemies continue their lives without him.

But old habits die hard and when Lady Methedrine returns to ask Brecht for a favour it can only end in disaster.

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