Though Your Sins Be Scarlet

There’s always a new way to die in Europa City.

A year on from his near fatal shooting, disgraced vice officer Kurt Brecht is struggling to put his drug addiction and his relationship with the mysterious Lady Methedrine behind him. A confrontation with his former mentor leads to Brecht’s resignation and he soon discovers the city streets are even more dangerous without a badge to protect him.

But old habits die hard and when Lady Methedrine returns to ask a favour of Brecht it can only lead to trouble. It’s a simple track and trace job, only Brecht’s instinct is screaming at him to leave it alone. But he needs the money. And when it inevitably goes wrong, leaving him tangled in her web, he knows she’s played him for a sucker.

Last time Brecht barely made it out alive.  This time he might not be so lucky.

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