The Violet Hour

In Europa City only fools and madmen tell the truth.

Europa city is under brutal martial law. The corporations and organised crime families are in agreement; their margins can’t take the hit. As profits plummet and the body count rises, Commissioner Sajer’s cybernetic shocktroops battle mafia and yakuza soldiers for control of the city.

In the ensuing carnage Detective Mike Duvall finds himself drawn into a city-wide conspiracy with Commissioner Sajer at its heart. The truth will shock Europa City’s privileged corporate elite to their core. In a city where everyone prefers to believe a lie, Duvall must find the courage to crash the system. The only problem is he’ll have to cross every line he believes in to succeed.

Leon Steelgrave brings his first Europa City story arc to a white-knuckled conclusion. Is this the end of Europa City as we know it?

You’ll find the answer in the pages of The Violet Hour. Buy it today!

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