The Violet Hour

“Everybody lies. Little white lies and big black stripy lies are what get most of us through the day. In the moment between sleep and waking we tell ourselves a hundred lies, preparing for the new day. In a world of compulsive liars only a lunatic would tell the truth, only a madman would want to.”

The Lady Methedrine story arc comes to a white-knuckled conclusion with The Violet Hour. Has the sun finally set on Europa City?

As Sajer tightens his hold over the city with the rule of martial law his enemies line up against him. The corporations and the remaining heads of the Six Families are agreed that the Police Commissioner’s idealistic crusade is bad for business. As profits plummet and tempers rise, Sajer’s elite Delta troops face off against Mafia and Yakuza soldiers in a battle for the city.

In the midst of the ensuing carnage Detective Mike Duvall finds himself drawn into a city-wide conspiracy as he attempts to exonerate Sajer’s illegitimate son, Kurt Brecht, and discover who really holds the reins of power in Europa City. At best, it will cost him and his partner their jobs. At worst, their very lives. Some secrets, as Duvall is about to discover, are best left untold, while lies are often preferable to the truth.

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