Darkness Visible

Leon Steelgrave proudly presents Darkness Visible: The Complete Short Stories, thirty-one tales from the underside of life.

Mr Steelgrave vouches you will not find a bigger collection of freaks, perverts and liars outside of the Palace of Westminster. If you do, he’ll give you your money back!

See the tabloid journalist sniffing desperately for a story and hear him foolishly agree to Madam Sin’s every command.

Find your inner voyeur watching the boys and girls in the nightclub. Who will couple before the night is over?

Watch Leda fight off the amorous advances of a swan. If she succumbs a thousand missiles will launch!

Step inside the head of the condemned man as he takes his fatal drop. How bitter-sweet the regret of a life ill spent!

What terrors await the beautiful Rachel down the rabbit hole? A cautionary tale about accepting gifts from strangers.

All these thrills and many more await those bold enough to buy the ticket and take the ride!

But please remember, all of our performers are trained professionals. Do not attempt to copy any of their actions in your own home.

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